Mixed Verb Tenses Exercise 3

Put the verb into the most suitable form.

Use the following tenses: Past Simple, Past Perfect and  Past Perfect Continuous

Throughout this exercise non-contracted forms will be used.

On a farm lived a man named John. One day he ________ (find) that ...
... the tractor ________ two weeks earlier ________ (not/work)
Mike ______ (ask) me if I wanted to go to the gym with him...
... He needed some exercise because for the past few weeks___________ (he/do) nothing but changing diapers.
Mary asked me if I _________ (be) single.
Mary asked me if I ___________ (ever/be) to the UK.

6. Mary asked me if I


Mary asked me if I ___________ (ever/be) to the UK.

Correct answer: had ever been
You answer: had ever been

BUT my answer is not counted as the correct one. It's shown in red.

The subjunctive “were”

The subjunctive “were” is used in contrary-to-fact statements: after “if” or “as though,” and in statements expressing a wish.

Question no.2 doesn't have

Question no.2 doesn't have the verb "buy"...