Mixed Verb Tenses Exercise

Put the verb into the correct form.

Use these tenses: present simple (I do), present continuous (I am doing), past simple (I did) or past continuous (I was doing).

Throughout this exercise non-contracted forms will be used.

We can go out now. It __________ (not/rain) any more.
Ann _________ (wait) for me ....
.... when I ________(arrive).
_____________ (get) hungry. Let's go and have something to eat.
What ____________ (you/do) in your spare time? Have you got any hobbies?
It's usually dry here at this time of the year. It ____________ (not/rain) much.
Yesterday evening the phone _________ (ring) three times ....
....while we ________ (have) dinner.
When I first _____ (tell) Tom the news, he ___________ (not/believe) me.... (separate the answers using a colon : )
... He _________ (think) that I __________(joke). (separate the answers using a colon :)

1) It says "Throughout this

1) It says "Throughout this exercise NON-contracted forms will be used" but in 6 "doesn't rain" is given as a correct answer

2) 2 is ambiguos since "Ann is waiting for me" makes perfect sense too.

3) In 3 "Correct answer: arrived" but what is wrong with ".... when I arrive"?
(e.g I'll do it when I arrive)

4) 4,5 even though my answers are no different from correct answers they are in red and not counted as the right answers:

Correct answer: I am getting
You answer: I am getting

Correct answer: do you do
You answer: do you do

5) 9, 10 - should be specified that "separate the answers using a colon and spaces like this word1 : word2". I didn't use spases and get it red:

Correct answer: told:did not
You answer: told : did not

Correct answer: thought:was joking
You answer: thought : was joking

6) Thank you for the tests. I hope that my comments will help decrease the number of frustraited users. Excuse my spelling ))

I just figured out that 2

I just figured out that 2 and 3 are the parts of the same question and so are 6 and 7.
Could not you make it more clear? You could put some text insted of using just "...".