Be Used To

We use used to when talking about things that were true in the past, but no longer are. We also use it to talk about actions that we did in the past as a habit, but no longer do.


Subject + used to + base form of the verb


  • She used to be a such a beautiful woman!
  • Mike used to earn a lot as a businessman.
  • I used to wake up and go to work as early as 5 am.
  • She used to play volleyball when she was a child.
  • My father used to work as a teacher.

If didn't or did appears in the sentence, used loses its "d".

  • Didn't he use to wear a cap?
  • She didn't use to be so conceited (=proud) before!

If we can still form negative sentences with never.

  • We never used to have a Honda—it was a Volvo.