The TV

It is correct to use the definite article the before words such as "cinema", "theater", "radio", unless we talk about them as a form of art.

  • I went to the cinema yesterday.
  • Did you hear it on the radio?
  • I'm looking for some books about cinema history.
  • I'm looking for some books about the cinema history.

The only exception is TV (or television) which comes without the if we aren't referring to the TV set (a physical object).

  • Person A: No way! You can't have happened! Person B: But I saw it on TV!
  • Put the pyramid near the TV.
  • Look! There a fly on the TV screen.

    "You can't have

    "You can't have happened!"
    "There a fly on the TV screen."

    These sentences are not correct. Too bad for a grammar site...