Uncountable Nouns List

It's rather easy to remember a few uncountable nouns. Some of them may also be uncountable in your language, so learning them will be easy for you.

But what about the others? How to remember the most tricky ones? It seems the only solution is to memorize all of them. To make the task easier for you, I've prepared a list of uncountable nouns:

a) substances: water, air, iron, paper, plastic,

b) abstract ideas: life, progress, happiness, joy, fun, freedom, health

c) activities: work, travel, sleep, football, help,

d) feelings: love, hope, anger, hate, respect

These are the most tricky ones:

  • accommodation
  • advice
  • behavior
  • business
  • cash
  • equipment
  • furniture
  • health
  • homework
  • information
  • knowledge
  • luggage
  • money
  • permission
  • rubbish
  • traffic
  • travel
  • weather
  • work
  • scenery

Uncountable only in the plural form

There is a group of nouns that have their meanings only in the plural form.

For example:

  • clothes
  • contents
  • goods
  • means
  • tidings
  • outskirts
  • jeans
  • surroundings

Please take into account

Please take into account that business can also be countable if you are talking about a particular business. For example in this case: My father set up several businesses in the UK.