One thing that I — and surely lots of other people — hate about studying is ... forgetting!

I know — it's a natural process, yet wouldn't it be great to keep desired information in your head for as long as you like?

Fortunately, it is possible with Super Memo.

What is SuperMemo?

Super Memo is a computer program that helps you learn any information and makes sure that you remember it forever. The secret of the program are repetitions of each element, which are spaced is such a way that you repeat an element only when you're in the danger of forgetting it. In this way, you don't have to lose time on things that you know well.

The algorithm used in Super Memo is based on scientific research on human brain.

How does it work?

To give you an idea of how the process of repetitions looks, let me give you an example. Let's say you study German, and there's a word you want to learn - der Hund (dog). Because you knew it very well, you immediately press "Bright". The algorithm set the next repetition to the next day. If next day, the word does not slip your mind, the interval is likely to be about 4 days. If the situation repeats after 4 days, the interval will be much longer - between 16-30 days. So, while there are many other factors, in this scenario the interval will grow exponentially.


However, if all of a sudden you fail to remember it, you will have to start the whole process all over again. I'm sorry that's how memory works!

How do I use it?

SuperMemo has been used by me for 4 years and "taught" me over 5000 words, phrases in the English language me, and also it has greatly contributed to developing a good accent. Apart from that, Super Memo helped me a lot when I was supposed to learn the chemical elements.

Now that I no longer study English intensively, I use Super Memo for repetitions only. I usually get 0-15 a day, which is not a burden on my leisure time.

How do I get Super Memo?

There are a couple of versions available. Most of them are not free, however Memo 98 can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Check out these websites: