Present Continuous Review

The PC is used to express activities happening at the moment of speaking, other uses include:

  • temporary activities
  • future arrangement

Some examples of the PC in use:

  • I'm studying at this school (but only for a short time).
  • I'm visiting my family this summer. - A future plan
  • We are waiting for my uncle.
  • He's not swimming.
  • Are you meeting David today?


To correctly form the Present Continuous, master these topics:

1. Negative statements : "not" is added between the verb "to be" and the main verb.

  • I am not hiding anything
  • She isn't doing the dishes

2. Questions - the word order for questions is reversed. The verb "to be" comes before the subject.

  • Are you playing football?
  • Is he smiling?
  • Are the Joneses having a barbecue?
  • You are taking a break?
  • Jane is walking her dog?

3 Conjugation of the auxiliary verb "to be"

  • I am flying now
  • I are flying now
  • She is meeting her boyfriend
  • She are meeting her boyfriend

4. Present participle formation. Present participle can be formed by adding -ing to base form the verb of the main verb

  • go + ing = going
  • try + ing = trying
  • swim + ing = swimming
  • run + ing = running
  • get + ing = getting
  • write + ing = writing
  • take + ing = taking
  • move + ing = moving