Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of time are prepositions that we use to express when something happened.

The most important prepositions are:

1. in

2. at

3. on

1. We use in when talking about non-specific times during days, months, years, decades, centuries or seasons.


  • We met in 1997.
  • This photo must have been taken in the seventies.
  • The kingdom was very weak in the 12-th century due to many wars and famine.
  • In winter we often go skiing.

2. We use at when talking about specific times.


  • I went fishing at the weekend.
  • All the people gathered in the park at noon.
  • The match was over at seven o'clock.

3. We use on when talking about specific days and dates.    


  • I met Linda on 10th of May.
  • We always go out on Friday evening.