Noun Classification

Noun is a word that is used to define a person, animal, place, thing, and abstract idea. They are one of the first things that an ESL student learns.

Nouns can be categorized into 7 major groups. Read below to learn more:

Common Nouns
General nouns.

  • a cat
  • a bowl
  • a keyboard

Countable Nouns
Nouns that can be counted.

  • car - cars
  • house - houses
  • man - men

Uncountable Nouns
Nouns that can't be counted.

  • water
  • wood
  • air

Collective Nouns
Nouns that refer to a group of people or things.

  • a team
  • a family
  • a herd

Proper Nouns
Nouns that refer to a specific name of a person, company, product.

  • Mr. Jack Kushi
  • Microsoft

Concrete Nouns
a noun that is a physical object, something that can be touched, seen.

  • a plane
  • a animal
  • a chair

Abstract nouns
Nouns that are not physical objects and can't be touched physically.

  • love
  • jealousy
  • hate