Mixed Verbs

We have talked about Normal Verb and Non-Continuous Verbs. But there is the third group. The group of Mixed Verbs is the smallest and most interesting one. It containes those verbs whose meaning in non-continuous forms is different than in continuous ones.

For example, let's take the verb see.

The non-continuous meaning of this verb is to understand:

  • Oh, I see what you mean.

Meanwhile, the continuous meaning is to visit:

  • I'm seeing the dentist tomorrow.

Interesting, isn't it?

More examples

Non-Continuous Meanings

think = "have an opinion" — I think this is way too expensive.

taste = "have a taste" — This cake tastes yummy!

feel = "have an opinion" — She feels this is not right.

see = "understand" — I see what you meant.

appear = "look like" — This watch appears to be broken.

look = "seem" — It looks pretty tasty!

Continuous Meanings

think = "use the brain" — Please, don't disturb — I'm thinking hard about something.

taste = "use the mouth" — Let me taste the soup.

feel = "feel physically" — I'm not feeling well today.

see = "visit" — Mike  is seeing a doctor this morning.

appear = "be on stage / perform" — David Copperfield is performing at the Globe tonight.

look = "stare at" — When she entered the room, everone was looking at her.