Compound Verbs

A compound verb is a verb created with an auxiliary verb and another verb.


Auxiliary Verb + Another Verb


We use compound verbs to create all the tenses in English.

To understand better what compound verbs are, look at the below examples (compound verbs are in bold).

1. Most of the protestants were arrested shortly after. (Past Simple)

were—auxiliary verb.

arrestedpast participle of arrest.

2. He will drive you to the airport after the dinner. (Future Simple)

will—auxiliary verb.

drive—base verb

3. The mother was looking lovingly at her child. (Past Continuous)

was—auxiliary verb.

looking—present participle of look.

4. I have been waiting here for half an hour! What happened?! (Present Perfect Continuos)

have and been—auxiliary verb.

waiting—present participle of wait.

5. By the next year, we will have been married for 30 years. (Future Perfect)

will and have—auxiliary verb.

been and married—past participle of be and marry.