Co-ordinating Conjunction

A co-ordinating conjunctions is a conjunction that we use to join individual words, phrases, and independent clauses.

There are 7 co-ordinating conjunctions:

  • For
  • And
  • Nor
  • Because
  • Or
  • Yet
  • So

In the following examples, each of the words in bold is a co-ordinating conjunction:

  • Me and my brother share the same room.
  • Jerry was one of my brightest students, so I didn't expect that he would fail.
  • I didn't know what to do, nor did the others.


There is an easy way to memorise all the co-ordinating conjunctions—their initial letters form the word FANBOYS.

In "Me and my brother share

In "Me and my brother share the same room.", "Me" should be "I".

In "A co-ordinating

In "A co-ordinating conjunctions is a conjunction", 'conjunctions' should be 'conjunction'.