A and An - Indefinite Articles

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We use indefinite articles a and an when referring to living creatures and things that we talk about for the first time or do not know too closely.

A — we use it with nouns beginning with a consonant:

  • a car
  • a table

An — we use it with nouns beginning with a vowel:

  • an apple
  • an elephant
  • an injury

Articles a, an mustn't be used with plural nouns:

  • There are an elephants in the zoo.

Plural nouns appear alone or are preceded by words such as some or any.

some— used in positive sentences
any — used in questions and negative sentences



  • I've got a pen.
  • Have I got a pen.
  • I haven't got a pen.


  • I've got (some) pens.
  • Have I got (some) pens.
  • I haven't got (any) pens.